Closing Reception, September 10, 10 – 12

10:30 – 11:00 Brief Artist Talk

@ Venice Arts Gallery
13445 Beach Ave • Venice / Marina
M–F, 10am-6pm, SAT 9-5pm
By appointment via (310.392.0846) Elysa Voshell

Artist Talk by RUTH CHASE for the “West Of Lincoln Project”
At 10:30, Ruth Chase will be giving a brief talk about how the West of Lincoln Project happened and what it means to use art for positive social change. Following, Ruth will be available for any questions about the project.

Painter Ruth Chase traces the history of Venice through the life stories of people who grew up in Venice, California, as told through large- scale paintings and audio interviews by Chase, and accompanying biographical texts written by Gena Lasko. Awarded a grant by the Carl Jacobs Foundation.


The project was more than two years in the making and involved over 300 participants, each of whom was chosen to convey different perspectives and a broad spectrum of experiences. Like Chase, these subjects grew up and attended school in Venice. Chase worked in ongoing collaboration with each individual to create painted portraits reflecting both the subject’s life growing up in Venice and the powerful insights that arose from this place.


The West of Lincoln Project consists of …