Ruth Chase is a multimedia artist whose work engages and activates community bridge building.  Born and raised in Venice, CA in 2017 Ruth completed the West of Lincoln Project. West of Lincoln was about Venice and was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles for Art in Action, as well as a grant to an individual artist from the Carl Jacobs Foundation. Ruth was awarded an Artist in Residence at Nevada County Arts for Artist Activating Communities through a grant from the California Arts Council for BELONGING, I AM HERe, and most recently HOME.

What Does It Mean To Be A Woman

Ruth Chase is working with people who are sharing their perspectives on the female experience. Ruth uses social engagement as part of her process, taking her out of the isolation of the studio and expanding her understanding of what it means to be a woman, this research informs the imagery in her paintings. She creates large intimate paintings that she hopes women in all their differences will relate to and find themselves in. From a series of interviews, Ruth asks women about their gender roles and identity when it comes to being a woman.


Now in Year Three, Belonging manifests as HOME, and elicits perspectives on cultural identity from our less represented populations. Ideas of “home” are being explored through the lens of art salons, our gold country history, our recovering native population, and our recent immigrants. Critical bridge building tools are emerging through creative practices, as we meet.


Belonging is about our vulnerable mountain home. Ruth will be working with the people who tend it, love it and depend on it, and mobilizing perspectives to create a deeper sense of connection between them, between members of our community and the land we all share. The installation will be composed of a short film, the use of social media, interviews, community art made in free workshops and paintings by Ruth.

West of Lincoln Project

Documents life growing up in Venice, CA and the powerful insights that come from street smarts in a multi media installation of paintings, audio video, social media engagement, the Venice Tribute Wall and written biographies. Awarded a grant for an Individual Artist through the Carl Jacobs Foundation.