2017 – 2018

Belonging is a multi-year program which explores our vulnerable mountain home and the people who tend it, love it and depend on it. During Year One, Artist-in-Residence Ruth Chase led us on a journey through which we examined our sense of belonging in relation to the land. Ruth interviewed 13 featured participants and created the Belonging film with Radu Sava, and used social media to engage the community in a dialog about their sense of belonging. She created paintings and curated a community art exhibition, along with public speaking engagements. “BELONGING”, the film, was shown at the 18th Annual Nevada City Film Festival (AKA “the Sundance of the Sierra”), which took place in September, 2018. It was also screened at the 18th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival in January 2019.


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Belonging features Rick Berry, Jeff Brown, Jonathan Collier, Shelly Covert, Philip Oyung, Nancy Tiken Lopez, Aimee Retzler, Mike Stewart, and Rob Thompson.

Gallery of Belonging Paintings
“Where Do We Go From Here” and “The Land Is A Community To Which We Belong” by Ruth Chase
Ruth Chase Artist
“Community” and “How Does The Jeffery Pine Make You Feel” by Ruth Chase
#BelongingInNevadaCounty #IBelongHere

Belonging is an initiative of Nevada County Art Council led by Artist Ruth Chase, generously funded in part by California Arts Council through its Artists in Communities Program.


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