JANUARY 1 2018 – AUGUST 2021

In Collaboration with Community

Ruth Chase is working with people who are sharing their perspectives on the female experience. Ruth uses social engagement as part of her process, taking her out of the isolation of the studio and expanding her understanding of what it means to be a woman, this research informs the imagery in her paintings. She creates large intimate paintings that she hopes women in all their differences will relate to and find themselves in. From a series of interviews, Ruth asks women about their gender roles and identity when it comes to being a woman.

“One of the best ways to get an idea of how a woman feels about being a woman is to take a look at how she treats other women.”

 – Renita J. Weems

I didn’t want jealousy to be what being a woman was about, so I had to confront it, and I found out that all of my deepest jealousies and insecurities towards other women were because I was attracted to them”

Interview with Artist and Illustrator Be Boggs. 

“I am a part of a sacred balance in life, and I also am learning to balance masculine and feminine energies within myself. As a child, I don’t feel like I really identified with the idea of being a woman, or even a girl or boy really… I just was”

Mira Clark – Artist and community activist living in Nevada County, CA. Currently producing a project about women called WomanNature. 

“My identity comes from everything I’m pushing back against and where I experience oppression. The feminist fire comes out when I feel like other women, or I can’t do something”

Gabi Markhan – Yoga instructor and co-director of Laviot, a community for LGBT+ Jewish women and non-binary people based in London. 

“Being a woman equals being powerful and living in a constant state of creation

Tia Tuenge – Artist, Healer, and Gatherer of Women.

By Terra Nyssa

Instinctively we are born into this world as nurtures and leaders. We are born in this world as educators, supporters, guides and healers. We are born into this world as feeling, empathetic beings. We hold a special place in our hearts for those who show us beauty, love and strength. We have a desire to emulate that, to find the inspired, and the wisdom in life all around us. But we must also address the challenges, what happens to us along our journey is crucial. Being human is challenging, being a woman human in this modern time is even more challenging. Yet along this journey we stand in the shoes of many women who have come before us, not even knowing it. We as women wouldn’t be who we are without the ancestors who have come before us and made it possible to be who we are now. Through their suffering and celebrations were able to have a voice in so many ways they didn’t. With all its beauty and challenges in this present day, I am inspired by this generation of young women. By the collaborations that are taking place between generations of women. It’s an inspiring time to be a woman! So in some ways it feels like a responsibility as a woman to create platforms and support for all women in solidarity for the human beings on this planet. For those who show up and those who can’t. Depending on where a person comes from, what they have had to endure and and what we are lifted up by, all brings fuel to the story of women today. In collaboration we learn and grow.  That’s what it means to be a woman today. 

Photo by Renate Putzka of Terra Nyssa

Paintings by Ruth Chase

Ruth engages the community by interviewing women and men about what it means to be a woman. The interviews, and other material submitted by the community informs the work, resulting in large intimate paintings.

If you’re interested in participating, please contact Ruth at RuthChaseFineArt@ymail.com