Sutter Roseville Medical Center

February 5 – June 1, 2021

1 Medical Plaza Dr, Roseville, CA
Work is displayed in areas accessible to the public and can be viewed during the venue’s regular open hours. Curated by Blue Line Gallery

Exhibition title TBD

Exhibition of Ruth Chase
Aug 3 – Sept 21, 2021
The Granucci Gallery, Grass Valley, CA

Opening Reception Aug 20, 5-7PM
Gallery Hours Tue – Sat, 12-5PM

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SFAI Alumni Interview

“Speaking of art school….impressions, stories and remembrances as told by alumni and faculty of the San Francisco Art Institute”. This series is about perpetuating the culture and legacy of the San Francisco Art Institute through recorded interviews.

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Skill Share, an online class with Ruth Chase

Artist as Activist

Interview Anyone?

Hi my name is Ruth Chase,
I’m looking for people to participate in a short interview with me recorded on Zoom for an art film I’m making titled What Does It Mean To Be A Woman. I invite people of different social and ethnic backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations to join the conversation, working with individuals living worldwide.


  • After recording interview, nothing is shared publicly without your permission
  • Interview is 30 – 60 min
  • You will have three questions in advance
  • First question: What does it mean to be a woman?
  • Example of interviews
  • Interviews will be part of an exhibition
  • About Ruth Chase


I believe art that asks questions and allows the viewer to come to their own conclusions stimulates critical thinking. I actively seek out all points of view to inspire meaningful dialogue with the viewer. An approach that strengthens bridge-building.

The Zoom interviews provide a platform for perspectives that carry the power to shape a different collective future.

I do not screen participants to find a message I want to deliver but rather approach collaborations with curiosity and an open mind, expecting to expand my awareness and perception.

I value art that is approachable, allowing for a more inclusive audience. It is vital that my work connect with people beyond my peer group. I am curious about contrasting definitions of identity that encourage all genders to reevaluate roles prescribed to them by society.

Objects Tied To Gender Exercise

I invite you to comment and share your stories and observations.

Studio Visit

I invite you to visit my studio anytime. No worries, you don’t have to be an art collector to have a reason to visit. I’m located in Nevada City, CA.

For an in-person visit or a virtual tour via Zoom or Facetime, please feel free to schedule a day and time that works for you.

Ruths Cell 530.409.2330


PHOTO: From Art and Cake : Pandemic Art Studio Photo Essays for Art and Cake by Kristine Schomaker

What was once an inadequate space to work has become a dream come true studio-ette. With the need to work from home now, and a gratitude shift, I had to abandon a big sexy studio and turn our one-car garage into my workspace. Ruth Chase

WOMEN – Independence Interdependence

Women by Ruth Chase

Ruth Chase Woman 2020“Women: Independence, Interdependence”
by Ruth Chase
acrylic, thread, cotton yarn on cardboard with video
24 x 48″

I am exploring independence and interdependence of women. Through the use of cardboard, acrylic paint, thread, and cotton yarn, this piece is a meditation on how pain is stored in the female body. With phrases like I am afraid to be vulnerable, I am not lovable, and childhood fear taught me not to trust, were written on each disc, and used to create the breast element in the work. Within the work, there are references to gender dysphoria, menses as independence and interdependence, and the female body as being in service.


Saturday Morning Question

Now in Year Three, Belonging manifests as HOME, and elicits perspectives on cultural identity from our less represented populations. Ideas of “home” are being explored through the lens of art salons, our gold country history, our recovering native population, and our recent immigrants. Critical bridge building tools are emerging through creative practices, as we meet. Saturday Morning Question ran from 2017 – 2020.


  1. It takes 3-5 days, or more to embrace it
  2. If it goes on for an extended time there may be a six week cycle of adjustment
  3. You may feel lost, not knowing what to do
  4. You will feel things you did realize you felt
  5. Random memories will begin to surface
  6. Your imagination will wonder
  7. Social media will be your companion, maybe too much
  8. You will amaze yourself by what you create
  9. Then you may wonder why you were amazed
  10. You will know yourself better
  11. You will long for real people
  12. You may comfort eat and drink
  13. You will emerge with a new outlook

My life as an artist in the studio, a 35 year practice and counting.

HOME – OF/BY/FORALL and #Miami

Last week Eliza Tudor of Nevada County Arts Council, Tracy Pepper of Color Me Human, Donn K. Harris of California Arts Council, and I were in #Miami for four days joining the #changenetwork of OF/BY/FORALL.

Miami of by for all ruth chase
Ruth, Tracy, Donn