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California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project PresentsVisibility Through ArtInvisible No More Collection

Aug. 28 – Sept. 19, 2020
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Studio Visit

I invite you to visit my studio anytime. No worries, you don’t have to be an art collector to have a reason to visit. I’m located in Nevada City, CA.

For an in-person visit or a virtual tour via Zoom or Facetime, please feel free to schedule a day and time that works for you.

The Center For The Arts Presents
Open Studios 2020 Nevada County West

  • 2020 Tour: October 10 – 11 & 17 – 18 | 10AM – 5PM
  • Opening Reception: October 8 | 5PM – 7PM
  • FREE, self-guided art tour of Nevada County’s western region. 75+ Artists | 15 Galleries & Group Studios

Ruths Cell 530.409.2330


PHOTO: From Art and Cake : Pandemic Art Studio Photo Essays for Art and Cake by Kristine Schomaker

What was once an inadequate space to work has become a dream come true studio-ette. With the need to work from home now, and a gratitude shift, I had to abandon a big sexy studio and turn our one-car garage into my workspace. Ruth Chase

WOMEN – Independence Interdependence

Women by Ruth Chase

Ruth Chase Woman 2020“Women: Independence, Interdependence”
by Ruth Chase
acrylic, thread, cotton yarn on cardboard with video
24 x 48″

I am exploring independence and interdependence of women. Through the use of cardboard, acrylic paint, thread, and cotton yarn, this piece is a meditation on how pain is stored in the female body. With phrases like I am afraid to be vulnerable, I am not lovable, and childhood fear taught me not to trust, were written on each disc, and used to create the breast element in the work. Within the work, there are references to gender dysphoria, menses as independence and interdependence, and the female body as being in service.


The theme in this series is about the relationship women have with independence and interdependence. Through a series of unscripted discussions with Chantelle Goldthwaite, the work has unfolded.








Saturday Morning Question

Now in Year Three, Belonging manifests as HOME, and elicits perspectives on cultural identity from our less represented populations. Ideas of “home” are being explored through the lens of art salons, our gold country history, our recovering native population, and our recent immigrants. Critical bridge building tools are emerging through creative practices, as we meet. Saturday Morning Question ran from 2017 – 2020.









Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 10.03.03 AM
March 21, 2020

HOME is an initiative of Nevada County Arts Council led by Artist Ruth Chase, generously funded in part by the California Arts Council through its Artists in Communities Program.

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  1. It takes 3-5 days, or more to embrace it
  2. You may feel lost, not knowing what to do
  3. You will feel things you did realize you felt
  4. Random memories will begin to surface
  5. Your imagination will wonder
  6. Social media will be your companion, maybe too much
  7. You will amaze yourself by what you create
  8. Then you may wonder why you were amazed
  9. You will know yourself better
  10. You will long for real people
  11. You may comfort eat and drink
  12. You will emerge with a new outlook

My life as an artist in the studio, a 35 year practice and counting.

Art + Activism Online Classes


How do you take your current creative practice as a painter, photographer, sculptor, and turn it into something that can create positive social change? Through a series of inquiries, you will tap into a deeper sense of who you are and the resources you already have. In this two-hour interactive workshop, you will unravel the missing link between your medium and it becoming a community project. We will also review funding resources.
Let’s explore the missing pieces and how to turn your work into a community bridge-building project that can attract funding.

WHEN: Thursday, April 16, 11 AM
REGISTER: Free, email Ruth at RuthChaseFineArt@ymail.com


REGISTER for Creating Positive Social Change Projects

If you have the means to pay for this class, thank you. You can choose as many increments of $5 as you wish. I will email you instructions for the class within 24 hours.


“I attended Ruth’s workshop at the Business of Art. If only this class were longer, I could have spent all day working with Ruth”

Carol Turner
Artist | Community Activist

Creating narrative for art-making that is inspired through an interview.

Biographical Portraiture (BP) is the use of personal or collective biography to create an artwork. It can be literal or symbolic. Interviewing the subject is a tool used to gather content to depict a story, theme, commentary, or perspective. Research can be an alternative tool for gathering information other than an interview. While BP is often used to portray a single person, it can also illustrate themes and topics that reflect social issues. This class includes a followup phone call with Ruth.

BP is for artists working in any medium, looking for a new and inspiring way to create portraiture that incorporates storytelling. This class will provide useful tools that will push the traditional portrait and offer an exciting way of working that can be used for a single picture or for engaging the public on a broader scope. Best suited for artists who have a medium they’re already familiar with. The workshop that follows BP is Making Art in Service to Community, a workshop that dives deeper into the practices of working with others to create commentary.

BP is a two-part class. In this first class, we cover the basics of BP by practicing with someone you know first. In the second class, Making Art In Service To Community, we cover a more in-depth understanding of BP and working with the public.

Key skills you will learn

  • What is BP
  • The difference between Subject and Content
  • Working with real people in collaboration
  • How to conduct an interview that will provide content for your work
  • Using symbolism for storytelling

WHERE: Online at your convenience
WHEN: Wednesday, April 8, 11 AM followup ZOOM meeting optional


REGISTER for Online Class – Biographical Portraiture

This class includes a series of five videos that contain four lessons. Four PDF printouts, and a followup phone appointment with Ruth. PLEASE pay only what you can. Upon purchasing you will receive an email from Ruth with the link and password to begin.


“Biographical Portraiture online class was an enriching experience for me as an artist and organizer, and also left me with excellent questions to explore in my own work. I found it added impeccable depth to the conversation of how to engage with telling other’s stories in a respectful, collaborative, and meaningful way. Ruth teaches with passion, expertise, inquiry, and honesty, all these traits combine fora compelling and invigorating experience any artist wanting to expand their work will appreciate.”

Mira Clark
Artist | Visibility Through Art Coordinator for CHIRP


HOME – OF/BY/FORALL and #Miami

Last week Eliza Tudor of Nevada County Arts Council, Tracy Pepper of Color Me Human, Donn K. Harris of California Arts Council, and I were in #Miami for four days joining the #changenetwork of OF/BY/FORALL.

Miami of by for all ruth chase
Ruth, Tracy, Donn

ECHOES: From There to Here

Introvert by Ruth Chase

Ruth Chase
Acrylic on canvas with audio

Alumni Exhibition
San Francisco Art Institute — Diego Rivera Gallery
800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco

Curated by: Timothy Berry and Jeremy Morgan

On View: November 11 – 24, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 14, 5 – 8 PM

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) faculty, Timothy Berry and Jeremy Morgan present ECHOES: From There to Here.

I AM HERe Installation

Women in a Rural County

Women are an essential part of any community, yet their sense of belonging is often tied into gender roles, not always satisfying their sense of belonging. Mother, sister, partner, we all have women in our lives. I AM HERe is intended to mirror the voices of how men and women view women’s unique sense of belonging against the backdrop of our rural community. Lead artist Ruth Chase has sought to examine her own sense of belonging over the course of a year by asking questions through social media and taking her personal journey alongside the community. Now, the public is invited to share their own stories about themselves or the women in their lives by participating in the public art installation.