What Does it Mean to Be A Woman explores what it means to be a woman and the struggle to understand all that entails through an exhibition of paintings and video by Ruth Chase. What Does it Mean to Be A Woman was created to be approachable and accessible to all women, reevaluating the roles women have resisted and submitted to and how women see themselves in today’s challenging times—highlighting the wisdom women embody beyond limited role models.

I struggle with the notion of what a woman is. 

Ruth creates large intimate paintings inspired by images and content that women have submitted and from selfies that her daughter has taken.

West of Lincoln Project

Working on the West of Lincoln Project I learned that my strength comes from remembering who I was as a little girl growing up in Venice, Ca..  Having lived a less then perfect childhood I found that my innocence made me brave and strong.

Gloria Olivas Omar

I was going to be raised the Venice way, the same way my uncles were raised. I looked up to them. I was Venice Trece, you know V13. Quote from the West of Lincoln Project.

Leonard Duran

“You are turning being a member of our town into an art. I can’t wait to see the progress and participate in BELONGING. This is one of my favorite ways of belonging here!!

Valerie Hiestand Stuart

Everybody earns a second chance just like Eddie Hadvina in West of Lincoln Project.

Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards

The West of Lincoln painting series pays tribute to a population of people who shaped the history of an untamed community, while preserving their historic significance.

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