Thank you so much for landing on my website. Things feel increasingly tense these days; as a result, I find myself digging more and more into my creative art practice. I invite you to explore the work and stay in touch.

I’m looking for poeple to participate in my current public project. Please, contact me if you’re curios.
Much Love,

I struggle with the notion of what a woman is. 

My work explores what it means to be a woman and the struggle to understand all that entails. I create large intimate paintings inspired by images and content that women have submitted and from selfies that my daughter has taken. I also create public art installations and video from public engagement projects.

West of Lincoln Project

The West of Lincoln Project is bringing people together because you are caring about their stories, it is truly the spirit of old Venice and community.

Jill Weiss Ippolito

Everybody earns a second chance just like Eddie Hadvina in West of Lincoln Project.

Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards

Thank you Ruth for the amazing experience of being part of I AM HERe. Seeing the transformation, it was such a gift to meet so many amazing women. 

Sherri Dauphinais 

Belonging and I AM HERe has affected me deeply in ways I didn’t expect.

Jennifer Rugge

What an experience it all was living out the theme of I AM HERe, then sharing with our community through our exhibit. I feel truly grateful to Ruth for her vision and to each artist for what she brought to this journey.

Kathleen Fenton

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