My name is Ruth, I was born and raised in VENICE, CA. My art is about the value of people to community. The West of Lincoln Project traces the history and culture of people who grew up in V E N I C E, highlighting the value of streets smarts. The BELONGING project explores how people find a sence of belonging through the land in Nevada County.


Thank you for everything you have done, through your project I have been able to reconnect with old friends and remember the amazing chapter in my life that is the formative time for who I am now.
You have reignited my deep passion for painting and renewed the value of it in my life.
Love from rainy England.
Sybil Roberson

“I was going to be raised the Venice way, the same way my uncles were raised. I looked up to them. I was Venice Trece, you know V13”

Leonard Duran

“My strength comes from remembering who I was as a little girl growing up in Venice, Ca..  Having lived a less then perfect childhood I found that my innocence made me brave and strong. She is my hero”

Gloria Olivas Omar

The BELONGING project gives a voice and perspective of the Nisenan Indians, the Native Americans who were here for countless generations before the California gold rush. This project will help raise visibility and awareness of the Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribe

Shelly Covert

I get goosebumps!! The West of Lincoln Project is truly AWESOME ! I love ALL the stories and people that make Venice so diverse, colorful and rich in spirit. I think this project is helping to heal hearts as well. Much much love to you!

Kristina Peterson