“My Life Depends On It”

acrylic on canvas,  42×42″,  2017, inquire about price, by Ruth Chase

Painted in collaboration with Solo Scott by Ruth Chase. The painting reflects the wisdom Solo has as a result of growing up in Venice, CA. This painting is part of the West of Lincoln Project. The look and feel of this painting came from working directly with Solo as a collaboration that would celebrate Solo’s life and his connection to Venice.
Art about people
Solo Scott by Ruth Chase 2400 copy
This 2 min. audio was recorded in September 2016.

Solo Scott
b. 1965 | Paloma Court

Find what brings you joy and fight for your passion like your life depends on it, because it literally does. Treat any distraction as an enemy. People who really live life are those who are living their passion; otherwise, you’re just going through the motions.

I grew up a half block from the ocean in a little compound made up of hippies, stoners, drug addicts and artists. My mom Gloria was strung out on heroin during the first part of my life. My mom was an amazing person – a true “one of a kind” larger than life character with a heart of gold and the mouth of a drunken sailor. When she got sober, she found her true calling as a drug and alcohol counselor at Cri-Help, and helped countless people along their path.

My friends and I were a clan of misfits who loved to surf and skate. A bunch of beach rats that took care of each other. Surfing and skating was what kept us together, kept us sane. I was basically raised by Polar Bear, Doug Smith and a lot of other Venice hoodlums – they were my big brothers and taught me the way of the surf and the streets at an early age.  We were the second generation of Venice Z-boys. The first generation being Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Allen Sarlo…

Since I was 7 years old, my dream was always to be a professional surfer. Growing up in Venice made me who I am. It was a hard-knock life and at the same time, afforded me the opportunity to learn the hard life lessons early.

A lot of us didn’t make it. Many of the kids in my crew were smart and talented and if they had they been raised in stable home environments, could have been doctors, lawyers or whatever the hell they wanted to be.

Now, I’m focused on getting my family into a financial position that is not only secure but also provides us freedom and abundance. I’m rediscovering my passions for surfing, photography and performing; and I am helping other alcoholics and searching out a non-profit in the community that I can team up with to do events that help out the cause.

Bio taken from an audio interview by Ruth, edited by Gena Lasko