Last week Eliza Tudor of Nevada County Arts Council, Tracy Pepper of Color Me Human, Donn K. Harris of California Arts Council, and I were in #Miami for four days joining the #changenetwork of OF/BY/FORALL.

Miami of by for all ruth chase
Ruth, Tracy, Donn

We took workshops that gave us brainstorming sessions and a deep dive into how to (my words) co-create with the community you’re serving and to serve and empower the whole community. I got to explore my own inner dialogue as well as learn from others through their successes and challenges in reaching out to communities that are unfamiliar to them.

First off, I loved #miami; also, I loved the #ofbyforall UN Conference. I’ve been immersed in this topic my whole life. However, this last week and over the past year I’ve been rethinking and reorganizing my feelings and thoughts. Damn, I love learning, and I love growing.

OK, where this is all leading up to is that on May 8th, HOME will have an all-day Cultural Equity Arts Convening, and you are invited.