On May 2, Nevada County Arts Council presented the work of Ruth Chase in an artist-led community exhibition featuring the work of Lori Lachman, Peggy Wright, Jude Bischoff, Anna Snelgrove, Ron Kenedi, Masha Lewis, Bill Jacobson, Ashely Foreman, Sherri Dauphins, Amy Mills, Al Martinez, Lisa Barker, Erin Sorani, Jennifer Rugge, Linda Leith, Pamela Bradford, Dodie Johnston, Sarah Clark, and Boni Woodland.

Exhibition curated by Ruth Chase for BELONGING.



“The Secret of the Quaking Aspen” 

Dance/Art Video
Directed and Edited by Lisa Barker
Dance Artists: Amber Cone and Juliet Lin


AMY image3
“Burdock 2”, by Amy Mills
18 x 30”, brush and ink on acrylic
PEGGY WRIGHT How Did the Gold?
“How the Gold Got to California”, by Peggy Wright
medium, 24″ x 5′
Hold Me”, by Anna Snelgrove
 3 × 4′, pastel on board
Martee's Refuge Oil on Canvas 36x36 $3600.00 Jude Bischoff Fine Art www.judebischoff.com 530-265-8781 PO Box 1202 Cedar Ridge, CA. 95924
“Marlee’s Refuge”, by Jude Bischoff
Oil on Canvas, 36 x 36″   
Al Martinez Howling Wolf Chicken wire, steel and plywood. 25 X 27 X 40 inches $700 530-802-6602
“Howling Wolf”, by Al Martinez
25 X 27 X 40″, chicken wire, steel and plywood
Boni Woodland Acrylic medium 2018 Treasures of Wolf Creek 24 inches by 24 inches
“Treasures of Wolf Creek” by Boni Woodland
acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24″

Ancestral Caves By Jennifer Rugge  Diptych, 36

Ancestral Caves By Jennifer Rugge  Diptych, 36
“Ancestral Caves”, by Jennifer Rugge   
diptych, 36 x 48″, acrylic on canvas
ASHLY F AwakeningTheBear_web
“Awakening the Bear”, by Ashely Foreman
acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40″
“Be Still, You Belong Here”,  by Masha Lewis
mixed media on canvas, 26 x 38″
Ron Finn
“Mother and Child”, by Robert Finn
clay, 5 x 5″
Self Portrait with Buckets Oil Linen 30 x 40
“Self Portrait with Buckets”, by Ron Kenedi
oil on linen, 30 x 40″
Sherri Dauphinais The Queen of Spring at Ananda 24 X 24 Oil SHERRI-DAUPHINAIS.PIXELS.COM
“The Queen of Spring at Ananda” by Sherri Dauphinais
24 X 24″, oil on Canvas
“Start Bound Salmon”, by Bill Jacobson
12 x 12″, digital on canvas


belonging poster
 “Tom Wade” by Lori Lachman

May 2 – July 30
Summer Thyme, 231 Colfax Ave, Grass Valley, CAMicrosoft_Word  CAClogo_stackedRGB_2    GVNCCD_Logo_RGB_2500_preview.jpeg   Summer Thyme Bakery

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