Jeff Brown is the Station Manager at Sagehen. Sagehen Creek Field Station is a research and teaching facility of UC Berkeley. Sagehen was established in 1951 with the signing of a long-term special use permit from the Tahoe National Forest within the basic for research and teaching. Research activities are multi-disciplinary and onsite facilities are occupied year-round. Flora, fauna, and insects of the area have been well-studied, and there is substantial climate and hydrological data collected since the 50’s.



Portion of the interview of Jeff Brown with Ruth Chase 2017
My first visit to Sagehen was during a field trip for my daughter’s school. I remember being blown away by the place. So I came back to Sagehen to interview Jeff about his connection to the land and what inspires him. Cinematographer Radu Sava and I are creating a short film so we showed up with a drone and made sure we had lots of time to explore.

The above portion of the audio can be watched in conjunction with the video below.

Drone footage above Sagehen for BELONGING taken by Radu Sava

To learn more about Saghen click here.

Jeff Brown is a featured participant of BELONGING, a community arts initiative led by Nevada County Arts Council, Artist-in-Residence Ruth Chase, generously funded in part by California Arts Council through its Artists Activating Communities Program.

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