FunRaisers For I AM HERE

Paint ‘n Sip – SUN, JAN 6th, 3-5p

FunRaiser for Belonging | I AM HERE with Denise Wey
Summer Thyme, 231 Colfax Ave, Grass Valley, CA

Learn to paint a Gaugin-inspired still life


  • No experience necessary
  • All materials provided
  • Just come and have fun!
  • Wine, beverages, and food are not included

Your donation supports the arts and theBELONGING / I AM HEREproject by Nevada County Arts Council Artist-in-Residence, Ruth Chase. www.RuthChase.comand


FEB 10 | Paint n Sip FunRaiser With Jude Bischoff
Summer Thyme in Grass Valley

MAR 17 | Pastel n Sip FunRaiser with Liz Collins

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I AM HERE Saturday Morning Questions

Every Saturday morning I ask a question on Facebook about women and our sense of belonging. Please join me as we explore this topic, men we need you too.


i am here question by ruth chase describe fenininity

i am here question what you learned from your grandmother by ruth chase


I AM HERE questions are meant to engage the community in a conversation about women and to foster a community connection.


I AM HERE is an initiative of Nevada County Art Council led by Artist Ruth Chase, generously funded in part by California Arts Council through its Artists in Communities Program.

#BelongingInNevadaCounty #IAmHere
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What Does It Mean To Be A Woman

What does it mean to be a woman, a question I have never explored until this very moment.

From an early age I noticed that being a “girl” put me in a place of vulnerability and I was very aware that physical danger was awaiting me if I wasn’t careful. So as a young adult “woman” I would make sure that my clothes and persona were tough enough to scare away predators.


Now I look back and see that it wasn’t until bearing a child, at the age of 40, that I began to connect with my womanhood. I was getting in touch with my body and its functions specific to having a child and becoming awakened to the physical characteristics that make me a WOMAN. I loved being pregnant, I loved my body and being able to hold another universe within.

I have spent a lot of time rejecting the expectations put on me by the outside world of what a woman is or should be, or should not be. I have never been sure of how I fit into the expectations of the world around me. I also, at times, did not want to own the power and blessings that come with femininity. On the inside I felt like I hadn’t decided if I wanted to be feminine and on the outside I knew being a tomboy or punk sent a message of leave me alone, I’m not open for this “girl” business. Sometimes I wonder if I would have chosen to be a woman in this lifetime if I were given a choice before I was born. I suppose I have even been pissed off about being a woman, now that I think about it. So far, the most amazing thing about being a woman has been birthing my daughter, who by the way is VERY girly and VERY feminine. I’m having an ‘aha!’ moment writing this. I may even need a good cry.

With so much love to each and every women’s journey,

Ruth Chase

If you want to know more about I AM HERE, please click here. Thank you to Sara Clark for editing help OXOXOXO


Happy Women’s Equality Day Today!

Women’s Equality Day celebrates the anniversary of the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the United States’ Constitution on August 26, 1920. The amendment granted women the right to vote for the first time and was a result of the women’s suffrage movement in the USA.

We Got The GRANT

OMG, We Got The Grant. Super grateful for Eliza Tudor, Nevada County Arts Council and California Arts Council for making this happen. BELONGING will have a year two. More to come soon.

This year, the California Arts Council offered opportunities for funding in 14 unique grant program areas, fostering safe and healthy communities, arts learning, and equitable access to the arts.

“To show support for these organizations—the ones who inspire and make those crucial connections to creativity and culture within our communities-it’s a confirmation of our faith in and gratitude for that vision,” said Nashormeh Lindo, California Arts Council Chair. “This is without a doubt the most fulfilling aspect of our work as Council Members each year, to recognize those doing real, organic work to make a difference for the people of California.”

Fiscal Year 2017-18 Grant Programs and Awards WE’RE ON THE LIST !!

This is the description of the grant that I will be working with as Artist in Residence with Nevada County Arts Council. Our project is called BELONGING Year Two – I AM HERE.

Artists in Communities: Artists in Communities (formerly Artists Activating Communities) supports sustained artistic residencies in community settings, demonstrating that artists are integral to healthy communities and that the arts are a societal cornerstone that brings people together, builds community, and fosters social progress. It centralizes artists and their artistic processes as vehicles for community vitality. Projects are artist-driven, and engage community members as active participants.