The First Two Days Made Me Cry

HUGE EXHALE… reading the Tie on Tags from the I AM HERE Installation the first two days has been really, really emotional for me. The written pieces are beyond what I imagined their emotional impact would be. I am grateful and believe even more in the power of art to engage our most precious resource, community.

I AM HERe structure is where the Tie on Tags will hang, as soon as the rain passes.

May 20, 2019

The first three Tie on Tags for I AM HERe were all from people who live out of state.



May 21, 2019

On the second day, this Tie on Tag showed up.

I have lived here for 25 years – Deep in the woods and right here in town. I do feel I belong here! I raised my daughters here, I midwifed many women as they became mothers. I’ve been going through cancer treatment – my community completely supported, nurtured and cared for me. It was beautiful, humbling, magical and made me feel so loved and truly belonging.


The I AM HERe Installation has two ways of engaging the public.

  1. Tie on Tags, a place to share your story
  2. QR Codes, where you can watch thirteen one-minute videos of Key Women Participants that share about their sense of belonging in Nevada County.

The first two days of Tie on Tags were very touching for me as an artist. The entire reason behind my work is to highlight the importance of people to their community, to make connections with diverse community members, and to engage the public in an effort to breed compassion.

I AM HERe Public Art Installation
May 18 – June 16, 2019

Opening Reception: June 7, 5-7PM
Robinson Plaza
132 Main St., Nevada City, CA



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A pop-up installation where Ruth gave hugs, postcards, and took photos.
This backdrop was painted by Ruth and photos were taken to share the value individuals have in our communities.  The public was encouraged to hang their photo at home where it can be seen as a reminder of their importance.


Please email Ruth your I BELONG HERE images from wherever you are