“The Deeper We Go, The Brighter We Shine”

acrylic on canvas, 30 × 30″, 2017

Painted in collaboration with Elaine Love Leslie by Ruth Chase. The painting reflects a portion of her life story and the wisdom she has as a result of growing up in Venice, CA. This is the final painting in the West of Lincoln Project, completed in early 2017. The content of the painting came from an interview taken by Chase. Elaine was one of two subjects that choose to write their own biography to be exhibited with the painting in August 2017 at Venice Arts.

nice California Artby Ruth Chase 2400

Born 1969, grew up on Sunset Ave., Venice, CA.Elaine Love Leslie .JPG

There is a real gift in darkness. That’s why the moon disappears and we have seasons. The dark is necessary in order for regrowth. The seed lives in darkness before it emerges into its full potential.

-Elaine Love Leslie