Nancy’s love for the arts and attachment to the landscape stems from early childhood lessons from her mother, a biology teacher and poet, and her father, a music director. Nancy created the art hikes for her thesis project in 1994 while receiving her Masters of Fine Arts degree from San Jose State University, and in 2004 founded Trails & Vistas Art Hikes in Truckee Tahoe.

“For the past two decades, collaborative strategies have played an essential role in my work as a professional artist and art educator. Each year I enjoy working with other artists, musicians, and specialists in a diverse range of professional fields to create art in nature events that celebrate the environment and strive to re-establish a sense of community and personal connection to nature. Through the art hikes I seek to fuse the beautiful landscape of the Sierra Nevada with truly unique artistic experiences and performances that take the audience from viewer to participant. From the art hikes to my earth paintings, I am creating a visual memory of place.”

Photos by Lori Lachman
A portion of the interview of Nancy with Ruth Chase 2017

Interviewing and getting to know Nancy was a treat for me as a fellow artist. Her work inspires me to see the natural world in a new way, that art can be used as a tool to communicate and connect with the world around us. Nancy lives and works in Truckee, CA, to learn more about her and the hikes she creates, click here.

Nancy Lopez is a featured participant of BELONGING, a community arts initiative led by Nevada County Arts Council, Artist-in-Residence Ruth Chase, generously funded in part by California Arts Council through its Artists Activating Communities Program.

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