Jonathan was first initiated into a basic business foundation by growing up in a successful entrepreneurial family. His formal education focused on operations management and marketing at the Leeds School of Business, and philosophy at the University of Colorado. He also extensively studied behavioral sciences, social justice and poetry. Later he developed an avid interest in consciousness studies, human potential and holistic health becoming a certified massage therapist, yoga instructor, EDGU teacher and practitioner of various healing modalities. He has combined his years of experience and knowledge into a consulting company, and as a political and community advocate engaging with individuals, small businesses, organizations and local communities to cultivate a harmonic and prosperous balance between self, social, ecological and spiritual interactions.

He currently serves as a member of the Executive Committee of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance. He also holds seats on the Board of Directors for the California Growers Association, Advisory board of Nevada County Grown, Board of Directors for the Nevada County Arts Council, Board of Directors for the Briarpatch Food Coop, the Advisory Board of the Yuba Village Building Convergence and sits on the Steering Committee for the Nevada Food Policy Council.


A sample of the interview of Jonathan Collier with Ruth Chase, recorded by Radu Sava.

In my interview with Jonathan I was touched to discover his very unique and thorough view of the value that cannabis brings to our county. What I took away from our interview is that, for him, everything is about community and connection to the land. To Jonathan, the visionaries and creatives in any community have a vital role in creating balance and alternative solutions to our busy mainstream lives. For many cannabis farmers, there was the allure of leaving the rat race and pursuing the back-to-the-land movement. They also hoped to pursue their passions as artists, healers, performers, permaculturists, herbalists, and craft artisans, careers that are fulfilling but often not financially rewarding. To supplement their income, many of them choose to grow small batch, boutique crops of cannabis in a community-friendly way, meaning it is important to be respectful to the people in their neighborhoods by keeping their crops small and discreet, and by being socially active in their communities in a positive way.

Jonathan Collier is a featured participant of BELONGING, a community arts initiative led by Nevada County Arts Council, Artist-in-Residence Ruth Chase, generously funded in part by California Arts Council through its Artists Activating Communities Program.

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