To be part of the human race.
Non-binary identity started me on a path.
 Gender in the 21st century is completely irrelevant.
 The benefits of the power of woman is being understood.
A woman equals being powerful.
Understanding what society expects.
Because I was attracted to them.
The danger of visibility as a woman.
It’s been ok for girls to aspire to masculine occupations, but..
I am an advocate for endometriosis education.
We raise our children while simultaneously healing.
I like being small and feeling powerful.
The feminist fire comes out.
A woman is a She-Ro.
You’re given a female gift pack that gives you six tools.
I don’t fit the mold for womanhood.
At 83 I feel freedom being a woman.
An emotion unless it’s tied to my reproductive system.
Women have been traumatized by Covid.
The things we have culturally infused into womanhood.
An inner warrior that stands within her all the time.
Am I feminine, yes, can I not be, yes.
We are here to be the guardians of love.
I am a part of a sacred balance in life.
Miss or Ms doesn’t need to reflect their marital status.
My authentic self means giving zero fucks.
I think about what makes us different than men.