I AM HERE is a true community collaboration. Through several gatherings under the artistic direction of Ruth Chase, a group of thirteen local women arrived at a collective vision for an interactive public art installation, “I AM HERe.”


Cassie Angle
Elma Baker
Melinda Booth
Virginia Rose Covert
Kimberlee Evans
Friendship Club
Susan Gouveia
Isis Indriya
Kayle Martin
Erin Noel
Elisa Parker
Shelby Richardson
Ginny Woods, AniLa

Together they explored what it means to belong in Nevada County as a woman and developed a vision for this art installation. Each woman wrote and filmed a perspective on their sense of belonging in this rural community 

homa kani
I am Ginger Covert. I am a Nisenan Indian from this area. I sit on the Tribal Council of the Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribe. We have been here for countless generations before the Gold Rush. We were thought to be extinct for quite a while but were not, I know this for a fact because I AM HERE.

Virginia Covert
Vice Chair, Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribal Council

I was born in this life to be of service to this great Transition. In that awareness, I dedicate my offerings to co-create a culture of Belonging rooted in a remembrance that we all come from somewhere and that we all have lineage that carries a life force of living story and memory. In this way, I honor my Ancestors as a Chamorro woman from the island of Guam and I pay my respects to the Ancestors and to the Nisenan of this Land. It is a gift to feel a sense of Belonging and to feel a sense of Home here. I hope to share this in all my Relations.

Isis Indriya
Nevada County Resident

A trail appeared and I followed
A creek beckoned and I explored
The river called and I answered
Wading in deeply until she and I flowed together
I am a part of her, being shaped by the wisdom of the water.
Like the Yuba
I too am strong
I shape the future
Bending and yielding
Finding the way
This is my place.
Once a newcomer, now I AM HERE.

Melinda Booth
Nevada County Resident Since 2011

I am Her(e)
I am a Farmer
I am a Rancher
I am an Entrepreneur
I am a Nature Lover
I am a sixth generation Nevada Countian born connected to the land. After spending time living away from this beautiful country, I returned to raise a family and farm.  I am connected to the seasons deep into my soul; they are in my veins and my thoughts. I am here to support women in agriculture and promote getting back to the land.

Cassie Angle
Owner, The Angle Homestead

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