Earlier Work

Oil Paintings 1985-2000
From my studies at the San Francisco Art Institute and the years that followed.





Identity Series 2018

I recently had my DNA tested from which only one race showed up on the test out of a long list that I was raised to believe I was made up of. To my surprise, I was 98% of a race that I couldn’t identify with.  Now I am wondering about the nuances of race and culture that give us our identity.  As a result of this recent inquiry, this small series came forth.



Wunderkammer Series 2016

A contemporary interpretation of scientific diagrams. Wunderkammern: A place where a collection of curiosities and rarities is exhibited. This could be specimens, diagrams, and illustrations from many disciplines drawing on natural, manmade, and artificial worlds.

Art Gallery drawings by Ruth Chase

Artist as Mother 2015

An introspection of motherhood, the struggles I have being my daughter’s teacher, when really she is my teacher, and finding humor in the painful growth stages we both encounter.  Drawn intuitively, scribbling lines until I can feel an image out of a mess that speaks to me, allowing an element of surprise by what my unconscious is delivering in form.





Becoming a Better Sinner Series 2014

About the structures, we put in place to try to make us feel right or belong that result in a residue of guilt from self-betrayal. Here I’m playing with the meaning of the word, a word with so much charge and button-pushing in our world. I find that what others may call sin isn’t really what I would call a sin.

artists studio in sierra nevada foothills