Oil Paintings 

From my studies at the San Francisco Art Institute and the years that followed.


No Utopia Here, 1989, 4 x6′, Oil on Canvas


Why I’ll Never Know You, 1989, 4 x6′, Oil on Canvas


Cora by Ruth Chase
2003, 3 x 4′, Oil on Canvas, Boudreaux Collection


Oil on canvas portrait, art about spirituality
3 x 4′, 2004, Oil on Canvas, Robenalt Collection


1991, 4 x 6′, Oil on Canvas, Ocampo Collection


Visiting With Edna, Instant Coffee and Charcoal on paper



Becoming a Better Sinner Series 2014

About the structures, we put in place to try to make us feel right or belong that result in a residue of guilt from self-betrayal. Here I’m playing with the meaning of the word, a word with so much charge and button-pushing in our world. I find that what others may call sin isn’t really what I would call a sin.

artists studio in sierra nevada foothills

Acrylic on Paper, Surreal Painting, Art, Eye Art, Figurative Art, Emerging Artist, California Artist, Charcoal Drawing, Contemporary Charcoal Drawing, Unique Drawing
Sin, 2014, paint and charcoal on Paper