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B E L O N G I N G 

A series of paintings by Ruth Chase created for BELONGING. Each piece was created in response to working with the featured participants in the BELONGING Film, as well as the dialogue that came from the Facebook Group page questions that were asked throughout the year. Please inquire about prices.

Ruth Chase Artist
“Caring, Creative, Community”, “How Does A Jeffrey Pine Make You Feel”
acrylic on recycled wood, 24 x 22″



48 x 27 by Ruth Chase BELONGING Project 2018
“Filling The Void” acrylic on recycled wood, 48 x 27″


BELONGING 48 x 48 by Ruth Chase
“Where Do We Go From Here” acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48″, C.H.I.R.P collection
This painting expresses the significance of the Nisenan to our community. How the American dream has played a roll in their development as a tribe externally and internally. ‘nisem humwa’a’ is Nisenan for > my family is from my heart or, my heart is drawn to my family (exact translation is difficult).
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Land by Ruth Chase BELONGING Project 2018
“The Land Is A Community To Which We Belong” acrylic on canvas, 48 x 30″


We Need To Rethink Wood by Ruth Chase BELONGING 2018.jpg
“We Need To Rethink Wood” acrylic on canvas


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