An introspection of motherhood, the struggles I have being my daughter’s teacher, when really she is my teacher, and finding humor in the painful growth stages we both encounter.  Drawn intuitively, scribbling lines until I can feel an image out of a mess that speaks to me, allowing an element of surprise by what my unconscious is delivering in form.


Mommy Play Date by Ruth Chase
“Play Date”, 2015, charcoal and pencil on paper


Art about mother and daughter, art with a concept, charcoal line drawing
“Daughter Birthing Mother”, 2015, charcoal on paper


Charcoal on Paper
“Alone, Together”, 2015, charcoal on paper


one eyed charcoal drawing, art, charcoal on paper, california artist, surreal
“Time”, 2015, charcoal on paper


03_Chase_Ruth_UpCycled Organ.jpeg
“Inspiration”, 2016, charcoal on paper, Korban Collection


FullSizeRender 6.jpg


Playing With Shapes by Ruth Chase Charcoal on Paper 14x17inches 2015
2015, charcoal on paper, SOLD


“Mother Waits”, 2016, charcoal on paper


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