“Not Just Me Anymore”

acrylic on canvas, 36 × 36″, 2016

Painted in collaboration with Fernando Manzanilla by Ruth Chase. The painting reflects a portion of “Fern’s” life story and the wisdom he has as a result of the struggles he faced  growing up in Venice, CA. This painting is part of the West of Lincoln Project. The content of this painting came from working closely with Fern for three months, making sure the details reflected his valuable life wisdom. Fern’s biography, written by Gena Lasko, will be exhibited with the painting in August 2017 at Venice Arts.


Venice California Art

Born 1966, grew up on Washington Way, Venice, CA.Venice Original, v13, locals from venice ca, growing up in venice, fernando, art about everyday people

Sobriety meant nothing until I had my kids. My biggest fear was them growing up without their daddy. It was then that I realized my actions would affect their lives too. My kids are everything to me and so is my sobriety.

– Fernando Manzanilla

West of Lincoln project  painting of people in venice beach .jpg