“Never Forget Where You Come From, Always Remember Where You’re Going”

acrylic on canvas, 48 × 48″, 2016

Painted in collaboration with Leonard Duran by Ruth Chase. This painting is part of the West of Lincoln Project. Ruth worked in collaboration with Leonard to capture his painful story that communicates wisdom found in his roots growing up in Venice, CA.  Leonard’s biography was written by Gena Lasko taken from the interview Ruth recorded with Leonard at the Ihop in Marina del Rey in early 2016. His bio will be exhibited with the painting in August 2017 at Venice Arts.


Born 1963, grew up on Indiana Ave.leonard-duran-painting

“I was going to be raised the Venice way, the same way my uncles were raised. I looked up to them. I was Venice Trece, you know V13”

– Leonard Duran

Leonard Duran West of Lincoln Project by Ruth Chase Detail

Leonard’s full biography available at 2017 exhibition