“Fear Is A Liar”

acrylic on canvas, 48 × 48″, 2015

Painted in collaboration with Brad James by Ruth Chase. This is the second of 11 portraits and one group paining in the West of Lincoln Project.  The painting reflects the wisdom Brad has as a result of growing up in Venice, CA. The content of the painting came from an interview taken by Ruth, along with daily phone calls and text to Brad about how best paint his story. Brad’s biography was written by Gena Lasko and will be exhibited with the painting in August 2017 at Venice Arts.

West of Lincoln, Venice Painting, Frear is a Liar, by Ruth Chase, Acylic on Canvas, Portrait, red, wolf

Born 1967, grew up on Beach Ave, Venice, CA.14192049_1114013692009214_1306934735001307400_n

“I relate to the wolf because of its strength, speed, and because me and my brothers were raised like a wolf pack in Dogtown”

– Brad James