I AM HERe – Cassie Angle

I AM HERe explores how women find and maintain their sense of belonging in our changing rural landscape. I AM HERE is, ultimately, a community conversation- a way to connect, explore and empower.

Key participant Cassie Angle explored what it means to belong in Nevada County as a woman and expresses her perspective in this short video as part of the I AM HERe Art Installation.


I am Here
I am a Farmer
I am a Rancher
I am an Entrepreneur
I am a Nature Lover

I am a sixth generation Nevada Countian born connected to the land. After spending time living away from this beautiful county, I returned to raise a family and farm.  I am connected to the seasons deep into my soul; they are in my veins and my thoughts.  I am here to support women in agriculture and promote getting back to the land.

Cassie Angle
Owner, The Angle Homestead


Documented by its filmmaker Ruth Chase, with cinematographer William Edwards.
Made possible by a grant through Nevada County Arts Council from California Arts Council.

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I AM HERe Fundraiser


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