Oil Paintings 

From my studies at the San Francisco Art Institute and the years that followed.

Artist as Mother Series 

A very personal exchange about the relationship I have with myself as a mother. Serving mostly as an introspection of motherhood, the struggles I have being my daughter’s teacher, when really she is my teacher, and finding humor in the painful growth stages we both encounter. I tend towards sarcasm to deal with finding the bright side of discomfort and enjoy playing with dark topics in a satirical way. All of the work is drawn intuitively, scribbling lines until I can find an image out of a mess that speaks to me, allowing an element of surprise by what my unconscious is delivering in form.

Becoming a Better Sinner Series 

About the structures we put in place to try to make us feel right or belong that result in a residue of guilt from self-betrayal. Here I’m playing with the meaning of the word, a word with so much charge and button-pushing in our world. I find that what others may call a sin isn’t really what I would call a sin. Also featured in Catapult Art MagIssue #30 in 2014.