A new series in progress about women and identity, addressing their sense of belonging. The series doesn’t seek to answer any questions but rather provide a look into the different ways women express who they are and how they fit in into the bigger world.

Ruth_Chase_Introvert copy
Introvert, 48 x 48″ by Ruth Chase
Ruth_Chase_Tween copy
In Be Tween, 36 x 36″ by Ruth Chase

How the paintings started out in August

art by ruth chase
August 15th works in progress

I started using selfies my 13 year old daughter took of herself to explore how identity and since of belonging is intertwined for girls and women of all ages. This is how the work is evolving so far.


ruth chase studio oc 2.jpg
Image of the studio taken on October 5, 2018


To see updates on the work go to my INSTAGRAM page

Work in progress, taken on OCT 15, 2018