acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48″, 2015

Stronger Than You Realize by Ruth Chase


Born 1965, lived on Ocean Front Walk and Rialto Ave., Venice, Venice Locals, Venice Skate, Venice Surf, OG, Venice Originals, Famous people from Venice Beach, West of Lincoln Series, by Ruth ChaseCA. Also the artist of
this series.

“Within me was a well of strength that wasn’t realized until I left home. Venice taught me that I could choose not to be afraid, and that dreams come true if you don’t give up”

– Ruth Chase Boudreaux


Stronger Than You Realize large file Detail copy


A portion of Ruth’s Bio

“Growing up in Venice gave me a childhood filled with limitless freedom beyond what most people ever experience. It made me tough, and it made me hate the place at times. From an early age it seemed like if I could just get an education, it would be my ticket to having a better future. Unlike my parents, who didn’t finish school, my mom couldn’t drive, read, or write, we grew up on welfare, and it sucked. At the age of 18 I had been using drugs and felt hopeless about my future. I saw art as my only way out of limiting circumstances and began to paint. To get to the point, here I am, a grown woman who knows first hand that wisdom is found where people fall the hardest and get back up”

written by Gena Lasko | Full biography available at 2017 exhibition