Gallery of Belonging Paintings

B E L O N G I N G 

A series of paintings that are part of Belonging, completed in 2018. Please inquire about prices. 

Belonging is about our vulnerable mountain home. Ruth will be working with the people who tend it, love it and depend on it, and mobilizing perspectives to create a deeper sense of connection between them, between members of our community and the land we all share. The installation will be composed of a short film, the use of social media, a short film, interviews, community art and paintings by Ruth.

Ruth Chase Artist
“Caring, Creative, Community”, “How Does A Jeffrey Pine Make You Feel”
acrylic on recycled wood, 24 x 22″



48 x 27 by Ruth Chase BELONGING Project 2018
“Filling The Void” acrylic on recycled wood, 48 x 27″


BELONGING 48 x 48 by Ruth Chase
“Where Do We Go From Here” acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48″


Land by Ruth Chase BELONGING Project 2018
“The Land Is A Community To Which We Belong” acrylic on canvas, 48 x 30″


We Need To Rethink Wood by Ruth Chase BELONGING 2018.jpg
“We Need To Rethink Wood” acrylic on canvas