Hi my name is Ruth Chase,
I’m looking for people to participate in a short interview with me recorded on Zoom for an art film I’m making titled What Does It Mean To Be A Woman. I invite people of different social and ethnic backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations to join the conversation, working with individuals living worldwide.


  • After recording interview, nothing is shared publicly without your permission
  • Interview is 30 – 60 min
  • You will have three questions in advance
  • First question: What does it mean to be a woman?
  • Example of interviews
  • Interviews will be part of an exhibition
  • About Ruth Chase


I believe art that asks questions and allows the viewer to come to their own conclusions stimulates critical thinking. I actively seek out all points of view to inspire meaningful dialogue with the viewer. An approach that strengthens bridge-building.

The Zoom interviews provide a platform for perspectives that carry the power to shape a different collective future.

I do not screen participants to find a message I want to deliver but rather approach collaborations with curiosity and an open mind, expecting to expand my awareness and perception.

I value art that is approachable, allowing for a more inclusive audience. It is vital that my work connect with people beyond my peer group. I am curious about contrasting definitions of identity that encourage all genders to reevaluate roles prescribed to them by society.