Grieving Youth The Artist Way

Sitting at the Baja Cantina in the Marina del Rey, 20 somethin’, in not much more than a two-piece bathing suit and a sarong. Living up the beach life over a margarita with my two besties. Out of nowhere some random man stops at our table to say…..   youth is a currency for women and to recognize the value while you’re young. 

If youth has currency, then I’ve spent it. 

When I glimpse at myself in the mirror all I see is the becoming of my mother – holy shyte!! Of course I set myself up for this. As a young girl I would look at my mother as the older woman, less relevant, and outdated, now I’m the mother and the older woman, yet I’m more relevant than ever.


As I take this journey through the lens of my work, “what does it mean to be a woman?”, I can’t help but notice how age, youth,  and beauty are part of this experience.

Youth is something that I’m grieving lately. When I look at myself I feel like I’m being betrayed, how could this woman in the mirror be me? I’m disappointed by what I see — noticing that with more and more frequency people seem to look right through me, bringing me to the nagging question, am I irrelevant?


I don’t know how to do this aging thang with ease, while I feel the inner struggle of aging, I also feel more empowered than ever in other areas.

“For me, our bodies are our most transitory and least interesting feature — just a container for all the good stuff” – Kim Culbertson, award-winning author

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About the Author Ruth Chase

ARTIST • MOTHER • COMMUNITY ACTIVIST Raised in VENICE, CA. I’m on a path that I never expected. Starting out as an oil painter that led to filmmaking, creating multi-media installations that include audio, social media, video, public art, and social engagement. My focus is on positive social change, working with concepts that reflect identity and the value of people.