A Portrait for Laura

I had the honor of painting these beautiful girls for a friend of mine, Laura.

My second commission ever. Not an easy thing for most artists to do. The level of caring about the likeness goes up so high that it’s easy to lose the quality of the image. Ther’es a sweet spot between letting go and having control.

Portrait of Laura’s Daughters

The Process is easier than you may think.

Basically, Ruth will paint from a photo, if you love it, you buy it. Prices start at $700. Contact Ruth to find out more.

Ruth Chase

Giving by Ruth Chase 36x36 2018
Portrait of Joanne Neft, my first commission

About the Author Ruth Chase

ARTIST • MOTHER • COMMUNITY ACTIVIST Raised in VENICE, CA. I’m on a path that I never expected. Starting out as an oil painter that led to filmmaking, creating multi-media installations that include audio, social media, video, public art, and social engagement. My focus is on positive social change, working with concepts that reflect identity and the value of people.