Ella Gallery & Good Times
342 Idaho-Maryland, Grass Valley, CA
Thursday, SEP 20th, 5-11p

Paintings by Ruth Chase featuring VENICE / Dog Town / ZBoys skaters, David Fowler, Solo Scott and Eddie Hadvina from the West of Lincoln Project will be exhibiting.

Ella Gallery is hosting 3rd Thursdays Art Party in the theme of skate! This is an All Ages event is to raise awareness and funds for the non-profit SkateMD Healing Hearts through Skateboarding.

  • Live Art
  • Live Skate Demos
  • Cesar’s Taco Truck
  • DJ sets
  • Free Admission
  • Featuring artists Ruth Chase, Jenny Sampson, Israel Forbes, Ian Fuenzallda, Chad Dugas, MeMe Graffiti, James Gray, George Rocha, Ursula X Young and Chantelle Goldthwaite



Solo Scott by RayRae
Solo Scott
Ruth Chase, David Fowler, Brad James and Eddie Hadvina at VENICE Skate Park for West of Lincoln Project

About the Author Ruth Chase

My work documents the human spirit and the powerful insights that allow people to find a sense of belonging within their community. The public plays a vital role in the outcome of my work, taking a journey with me that can last up to two years. I produce multi-media installations that include paintings, audio, social media, slideshows, video, and social engagement. Self-aware subjects with strong belief systems fascinate me and draw me in.