BELONGING is about our vulnerable mountain home. The people who tend it, love it and depend on it, and mobilizing perspectives to create a deeper sense of connection between them, between members of our community and the land we all share.

Eligibility: Nevada County Resident
Entry Deadline: 4/7/2018
Fee: None
Confirmation by Email: 4/16/18
Art Delivery Date: TBD
Exhibition: 5/2/2018 – 7/30/2018
Opening Reception: 5/20/2018
Organization: Nevada County Arts Council
Exhibition Location: Summer Thyme’s, Grass Valley

Contact Email: RuthChaseFineArt @
Contact Phone: 530.409.2330

My name is Ruth Chase and I’m an artist in residence with the Nevada County Arts Council for BELONGING. We are looking for artists in Nevada County, CA who want to participate in this exhibition and have or want to create work around the above theme. There is limited space and I will contact everyone no later than April 16th, 2018 by email.

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Submission form below or send me a message or text me and we can chat.

Ruth Chase




  • What does belonging look and feel like ?
  • What does it look and feel like to not belong ?
  • A portrait of how you find a sense of belonging in nature ?
  • A place that holds a special feeling outside and in nature ?
  • How does a sense of purpose relate to belonging ?
  • Does anyone inspire you from the BELONGING featured participants ?
  • How would someone find a sense of belonging on the land ?


Image by Lori Lachmam, who is following BELONGING to document its journey. Her work will be exhibited at the BELONGING Exhibition in June.


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About the Author Ruth Chase

My work documents the human spirit and the powerful insights that allow people to find a sense of belonging within their community. The public plays a vital role in the outcome of my work, taking a journey with me that can last up to two years. I produce multi-media installations that include paintings, audio, social media, slideshows, video, and social engagement. Self-aware subjects with strong belief systems fascinate me and draw me in.