17796533_1316997978380894_6437867995413378292_nMy grandmother introduced the whole family to Venice when she moved there in 1967. To her it was an oasis of friendships, cool breezes, corner markets and starting a new life.  Winifred Pierson AKA Winnie was the rock of our family. I really looked up to her because she just seemed to have it all together. She knew how to get things done, she knew how to talk to people, she knew how to relate to people and she knew how to care about people. That’s what really mattered in Venice, that we all cared about each other. I was too young to understand the circumstances as to why my grandparents weren’t together anymore but I really enjoyed visiting my grandmother in Venice. It was a hop skip and a jump to the beach, to the white sand and brisk ocean. We would picnic on the beach and stay out all day. It was just like being on vacation all the time.

by Rhonda Lynn Wise

Rhonda is one of the 11 featured people who grew up in Venice from the West of Lincoln Project.  Click here to view Rhonda’s portrait. Please join us for the Opening Reception to read Rhonda’s biography, meet her in person, and view the painting inspired by her life growing up in Venice.

August 5 – September 1
Opening Reception | Saturday, August 5, 4 – 8pm | 
Venice Arts
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About the Author Ruth Chase

Ruth Chase is primarily a project based artist whose award winning series, West of Lincoln Project, probed into the lives of individuals who grew up in Venice, CA. She is a California-based painter that uses biographical portraiture to communicate stories of compassion, and valuable insight that promotes positive social change. Her work includes the use of social media in her creative process to stimulate conversation around human value, as well as engaging the public to actively participate in the final outcome of her work.