Dear Collectors & Fans,

I am excited to announce that the paintings in the West of Lincoln Project are now available to collectors prior to the solo exhibition at Venice Arts.

A 40% of all sales goes to supporting free, high-impact arts education & mentoring for low-income youth in Venice and Los Angeles. If you are interested in one of these paintings, just reply and I will send you prices for you to consider, as well as an invitation to the reception on August 5, 2017.

Please let me know if I can furnish you with any additional images, a studio visit, or set up a payment plan.

Thank you for taking the time to preview this historic series.

Ruth Chase




About the Author Artist Ruth Chase

Ruth Chase is primarily a project based artist whose award winning series, West of Lincoln Project, probed into the lives of individuals who grew up in Venice, CA, sharing stories of adversity transformed into valuable life wisdom. She is a California-based painter that uses biographical portraiture to communicate stories of compassion, and valuable insight that promotes positive social change. Her work includes the use of social media in her creative process to stimulate conversation around human value, as well as engaging the public to actively participate in the final outcome of her work.